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who we are

We’re a team of engineers, technologist and machine learning experts, working together to build products people love using the latest advancements in computer vision. We invent, design and productize new technology, in order to accelerate the adoption of the latest research. Simply put, we love building stuff while avoiding the trap of being a research lab.

what we do

Our product Entry is a biometric identity provider that enables users to seamlessly and securely authenticate in their favorite apps, without compromising privacy, security and user experience. Users can sign in to their favorite web apps by face using web cameras on laptops and desktop devices. Entry helps organizations prevent account takeover attacks, credential breaches, phishing and password spraying attacks by using biometric authentication, as a superior alternative to a legacy MFA solutions.

our approach

At the core, we are a deep technology company. We love to solve hard problems with elegant tech solutions, in order to deliver a maximum impact on people’s lives. Most recently, we’ve been privileged to work on the problem of human trafficking and child exploitation alongside with Deliverfund.org.   Read more here:

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Our Investors

We are fortunate to work with some of the best investors, technologists and entrepreneurs in the world. Their backgrounds are diverse, but they all share a single theme of having a successful track record of backing the most impactful and prominent technology companies. We're thrilled to share our journey with them.